Virtual Workshops - Final Selections Coming Soon! 

  • Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Police Suicide
    Dr. Michael Finlay, Creative Edge Project & Dr. Raymond Hsu, Los Angeles Police Department
    Description: Trauma exposure is an inevitable part of a career in law enforcement. This program aims to assist officers in understanding the signs and symptoms of burnout, compassion fatigue, and suicidal behavior before their lives are forever changed.

  • Using Video to Tell the Story - How the Visual Medium Affects the Way Community Members View Police Officers and Why We Must Understand the Best Ways to Display Video to Help Build Credibility and Legitimacy with the Public
     Brian Addington, Chief, Pittsburg Police Department, Deanna Cantrell, Chief, San Luis Obispo Police Department, Laura Cole, President, Cole Pro Media and David Honda, Chief, Watsonville Police Department
    Whether it’s positive or negative, we must tell our own story. Studies show that 85% of online users watch videos. This workshop will discuss how departments can leverage videos to build trust in the communities they serve.

  • Current Legal Issues for Law Enforcement
    Presenter: Jim Touchstone, Jones & Mayer
    Description: This session will provide an update of current legal issues and court decisions which have an impact on the operation of law enforcement agencies. Attendees will also be able to address specific issues during the seminar.
  • Second in Commands - What You Need to Know
    Presenter: Derrick Abel, Chief, Manhatten Beach Police Department, Rick Armendariz, Deputy Chief, Anaheim Police Department, Dave Norris, Captain, San Mateo Police Department, Luis Torres, Captain, San Leandro Police Department & Jackie Gomez-Whiteley, Retired Chief, Cypress Police Department
    Description: A panel discussion with second in commands and current and former police chiefs on the role of a second in command. The panel will also discuss their experiences in transitioning into the next role, both internally and externally.

  • Your City Has Just Been Hacked, CAD is Down, and You Have No Email - What Do You Do Next?
    Presenters: CPCA Tech Committee
    Come hear lessons learned from the front-line about early indicators of a cyber-attack, Local and State resources available to respond, what can you expect from cyber insurance, no cost preventive measures, the role of incident command and how to build investigative capabilities. 

  • ALADS v. Los Angeles County Sheriff Department – Brady Lists, Pitchess Motions and the Right to Name Names
    Scott Tiedeman, Managing Partner & James Oldendorph, Associate, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
    In the recent California Supreme Court ruling in ALADS v. Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, it was held that public safety agencies could give prosecutors the names of potential officer witnesses in a particular case, including those on their “Brady list,” without a Pitchess motion or court order. Join us as we discuss the intricacies of the case, including how SB 1421 played an important role in the Court’s decision-making process, and what every agency needs to know moving forward. 
  • Leadership Under The White Hat; Lessons Learned On The Field By an NFL Referee
    Presenter:Carl Cheffers, Referee #51, NFL & Customer Support, Clarios
    Football officials and law enforcement officers have a lot in common as we manage an atmosphere of heightened visibility and scrutiny. Carl will share his NFL experiences on how to successfully navigate this difficult environment while leading those we manage to do good work with every encounter.

  • Managing the Narrative Before, During and After a Critical Incident
    Presenters: Jorge Cisneros, Chief, Anaheim Police Department, Rob Handy, Chief, Huntington Beach Police Department & Bill Rams, Co-Founder, Cornerstone Communications
    Description: We will explore what to do before, during and after a critical incident. Two veteran police chiefs will share how they dealt with sensational officer-involved shootings, the release of body-worn camera footage and internal and external messaging. The California Police Chiefs Association's communications consultant Bill Rams will moderate a discussion with Anaheim Police Chief Jorge Cisneros and Huntington Beach Police Chief Rob Handy – focusing on how they managed high-profile officer-involved shootings. In Chief Cisneros’ case, he took advantage of what time he had to prepare a sophisticated and comprehensive response. In Chief Handy’s case, there was no time. A false narrative quickly went viral, but Chief Handy was able to wrestle back control of the story.

  • Officer Wellness in 2020 and Beyond: Future - Focused Leadership Strategies
    Presenters: David Black, CEO & Chief Psychologist, CORDICO, John Carli, Chief, Vacaville Police Department, Tom Chaplin, Chief, Walnut Creek Police Department, Neil Gang, Chief, Pinole Police Department, & Ron Lawrence, Chief, Citrus Heights Police Department
    Description: Actionable strategies for the 21st century are highlighted in this passionate and informative session focused on strengthening officer wellness, saving the lives of officers, improving recruitment and retention, and supporting police leadership. This dynamic, highly engaging, creative and interactive presentation is laser-focused on helping police chiefs provide stronger officer wellness leadership for their departments. Several police chiefs will provide vivid officer wellness case examples that highlight key points throughout the presentation. Spanning many of the most timely and critical issues facing police chiefs today, we will discuss leadership strategies for strengthening officer wellness, preventing officer suicide, and improving recruitment, retention, and morale in police departments of all sizes.
  • A Chief's Mandate: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders
    Presenters: Mark Garcia, Retired Chief, Redlands Police Department, Jason Russo, Commander, Citrus Heights Police Department & Wes Simmons, Chief, Chino Police Department
    Description: Want to deepen your bench? Need to develop the next generation of leaders in your department? Concerned about succession planning? This panel presentation is for you! We will be presenting examples of internal leadership development programs, creating formal mentoring programs, creating a culture of coaching, as well as a brief presentation on the creation of a regional leadership development program targeting line level officers. We will maximize your time by providing practical solutions and walk-away tools to quickly apply these ideas back at your own departments. All of this in just one hour!

  • Organizational Culture: Your Basis Of Success Or Failure
    Presenter: Dr. Kimberly Miller, Public Safety Consultant & Coaching Services, Kimberly A. Miller & Associates, LLC
    Description: Although developing a strength-based, positive organizational culture (i.e., organizational identity) is the key to any agency's success, it's a process not often undertaken. Though many organizations have a mission, vision, and values statement, these are often times written on paper and not lived by those who work there. In order to be truly successful and consistently hire, promote and retain the best talent, you must live from a unified organizational identity. This workshop will teach participants why a lack of identity is plaguing many agencies and how this missing piece is hindering all aspects of the organization including: effective employee selection, evaluations, communication and conflict resolution, use of sick/leave time, strategic growth, ethical decision making, promotional processes, and employee development. We will explore how to begin identity exploration, the importance of employee feedback in establishing an identity, and how to effectively market your identity internally and externally to attract and keep the right employees. Finally, we will discuss how the creating and living from an organizational identity will eliminate the majority of problems in your office.

  • Making Massage Safe and Legal in Your City
    Presenter: Ahmos Netanel, CEO & Rick McElroy, Director of Law Enforcement Relations, California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC)
    Description: TBA
  • Leadership vs. Management – For CEO’s
    Presenter: Paul Webb, Founder, Paul Web Training A Division of Brandeis Training Solutions
    Description: The course will provide chiefs with the tools to identify which role we play as a leader and as a manager – what those roles encompass - and when is the most effective time to apply those specific skills associated to each role. When responding to incidents requiring leadership – management and coaching actions … what course of action is the best application to create the desired result from inspiring the people we lead to take the action beneficial for any given goal? Attendees will learn the options best applied to help achieve desired outcomes from a group or individual effort. These options work for the individual police chief for their own personal development… plus their immediate circle of influence both at home and at work.   

  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Police Departments
    Presenters: Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, Amen Clinics & Chief Jon Lewis, Newport Beach Police Department
    Description:The brain is involved in everything you do and everything you are. It is the organ of thinking, feeling, and interacting. When the brain works right, you work right; but when your brain is troubled for whatever reason you have trouble in your life. Given the high stress nature of police departments, it is critical for police chiefs to understand the brain and create brain healthy police departments. In this talk, neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and 12-time New York Times bestselling author Daniel Amen will share practical strategies on how to have better brains and better lives. Chief Lewis and Dr. Amen will also share their experience planting a brain health program into the Newport Beach Police Department.

  • Public Safety Legal Update in a New Era of Transparency
    Presenter: Alfonso Estrada, Partner & Sarah Martoccia, Of Counsel, Atkinson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
    Description: Recent changes in California law have changed public safety agencies’ obligations to the public. This session will review the recent changes in law requiring transparency in the profession of law enforcement, and best practices and tips for effectively managing your agency. Given the legislative and public push for transparency, the need for conducting thorough and efficient internal investigations is at a premium. This session will teach strategies and techniques for dealing with these new requirements while balancing the agency’s need for conducting efficient investigations.